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The Stone Circle: Where every Crystal Finds its Home

Our Story…

The Stone Circle online crystal shop was formed in 2020 by two avid rock enthusiasts: one Scot and
one German. The team developed out of Katriona's Rocks - an earlier crystal shop which our Scottish founder was half-heartedly running. The aim has always been to sell on those Scottish rocks to make more money for more trips. This project was truly a passion project. There is no big money in rockhounding. You have to love it or you simply won't continue.

After a few months, our international founder stepped out. Now we are a purely Scottish run business, women-owned and trying to remain as low-waste, ethically sourced, and sustainable as possible. We don't dream to be big here. We dream for enough petrol money to find you better rocks.

Our Mission…

To provide high quality, all-natural mineral specimens. We retrieve Scottish minerals from source,
hand clean them, polish them either by hand or in a tumbler (we will always tell you) to a mirror-shine, and then pass them on to other mineral collectors.

We aim to retrieve mineral specimens from all over the world, so that we can bring our clients some
of the best natural crystals and gemstones available on the market. We pride ourselves on bringing
customers ethically sourced, natural crystals at affordable prices, that haven’t been altered, or
shaped to a point.

We want to set a benchmark of crystal quality. When you buy from us you receive exactly what we
describe to you, usually with an extra stone or two added in for good measure.
We sell unbleached, rough, and fine mineral specimens, with our intention that every crystal belongs
somewhere. Our job is simply to help them get there.

Our Crystals…

We sell all-natural crystals, which we try to source back to their location of origin. We also sell those
which we have found ourselves from in and around the Scottish mountains and Lochs. Each of
our crystals comes from our loving household to yours: complete with the warmth and enthusiasm
that has gone into finding and cleaning the crystal specimens.

The Stone Circle healing crystals come from a Reiki-user’s home. Any crystals for sale are pre-
cleansed and kept with hematite before they are packaged and shipped to your door.

In the case of our Scottish mineral collections, they have been taken from the wilds of Scotland,
cleaned, shone, and passed on to you. Each of these crystals and stones is ethically sourced,
bypasses the mining process, and makes an ideal, unique gift for a loved one… particularly if they
have roots in Scotland.

We have recently upgraded to a rock tumbler. Our rounded and smaller crystals are easier to polish now. Nevertheless, we still hand polish the occasional mineral specimen. This leaves the occasional imperfection which adds character to the crystals.

We are based in the UK but happily ship abroad. We have both uncut and fine crystals for sale from
all over the world, but each specimen has passed through our own hands, so that we can assess their

Our Sources...

Our healing crystals make excellent gift ideas for the spiritually minded. Each is completely unique,
having been picked from the Scottish Highlands, the Scottish Uplands, the East and the West, and a variety of other sources throughout the UK.

Each of our Scottish crystal collection were picked by hand. You can read about the sources they
came from in The Stone Circle's rock blog. Here, you will find all sorts of other facts about crystals,
how we find them, and even photographs of our adventures. You might even be able to find the
picture of us sourcing your crystal!

Please keep in mind that this only applies to our Scottish minerals collection. We do buy and sell
other crystals too. Those which have been hand-picked, cleaned, and/or polished, will be marked
out in the crystal product descriptions.

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A stream runs through rhododendrons on its way into a distant Scottish Loch. There are trees, large rocks, and a bridge.
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