The Stone Circle Crystal FAQs

We love hearing from our customers, but before you request information, see if we haven’t
answered your question already in the below FAQs.

Where does your Cairngorm Quartz come from?

We source our quartz from mountains in the southern Highlands and in the Cairngorm region
itself. We use cairngorm as a term for mountain quartz here. It ranges from milky white through to
dark brown, almost citrine in colour. We pick it from the mountain where the rain and constant wet
make it loose enough to fall out in the scree.

What colour is the Scottish Highlands quartz you sell?

Our mountain quartz crystal chunks can be morion, clear, dark, reddish, white, or yellow. We will
always sell it as white or dark/clear unless otherwise stated. It has come from the top of the
mountain, been carefully cleaned, and will be kept until sold.

Do you sell Scottish agate?

Yes! We sell Scottish agate from both the east and west. Our western agate comes from the
well-known Ayrshire hills, while our eastern agates are picked near Montrose. Colours
of Scottish agate range from toffee-coloured browns to bright fiery reds and carnelian orange.

How do you polish your crystals?

When we want to polish our rockhounding finds, we do it by hand using sandpaper and elbow
grease. That’s not quite the whole story, we do add a little something to polish it up to that mirror-
like shine… but we can’t give away all our secrets!

Are all your crystals Scottish?

Not all of them have been hand-picked from Scottish mountains. We go on rockhounding trips all over the world too. However, we clearly mark those which haven’t come to us through our usual means. There should be no
confusion as to where your crystals have come from.

Do you sell healing crystals?

Every crystal has its own unique energy signature, and we try to give as much information on the
uses as possible. We will try to provide you with as much detail on whether they are crystals for
protection, crystals for anxiety, or chakra crystals for healing, at the point of sale. We believe that
crystals are individual spirits, each of which will eventually find the person it belongs to. Keep in
mind that each crystal will feed on the energy you choose to put into it and use your crystals

How do I cleanse my new crystals?

As long as your crystals aren’t averse to water, you can cleanse them in a bowl of water or in the running water of a river, if you have one nearby. Leave them overnight for best results. You can cleanse them by weaving them through incense smoke for a ‘quick fix’, or you can choose to cleanse in a bath of salt for minerals that can’t stand

Which minerals are averse to water?

Do not put your salt lamp in the dishwasher! It happens. Calcite will eventually disintegrate in
water, as will amber, turquoise, red coral, azurite, selenite, moonstone, kyanite, kunzite – and many
other salt-based crystals.