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Postage and Return Policies

Read more about The Stone Circle online crystal shop's postage and packaging policies below.

UK Postage

We will use standard small parcel packaging on most packaged crystals and Scottish minerals, up to 2kg. We keep all our postage receipts for reference. 2nd class small parcels arrive within 5 days.

We offer you the option of first class crystal postage for those who want their Scottish crystals sooner!

We will post within 3 days at most.

UK buyers spending over £30 receive free shipping.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping during busy periods. If a fortnight has passed and your item has not arrived, then feel free to message us so we can follow up.

International Postage

We will always use international tracked shipping when posting abroad. We use the Royal Mail for this. Our reasoning is that items sent via USPS in the past were destroyed upon arrival. We charge a fixed rate for all countries, although postage varies slightly. We also charge international postage by weight.

The Royal Mail boast they can have your parcel delivered within 8 days and we have often found this is true. Allow a full month for purchases at Christmas and other busy times of the year. Usually international tracked parcels arrive within the fortnight.

Your crystal package should arrive within a maximum of 3 weeks during regular periods. Your items will be tracked and we will send the code when we confirm completion.

Returns Policy

We do not accept returns unless they are under special circumstances. Each time we accept a return we pay extra for postage, handling fees, and packaging. As a small business we cannot afford to regularly front these costs. If you are dissatisfied with your product, please contact us to see if there is anything we can do.

Returns which we do choose to accept must be entirely whole, without rips in the box, and with all the rocks inside. We ask for your patience with this issue. It is a simple matter of costs.

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