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The Stone Circle are Now on Etsy

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

[Updated 6th June 2023]

You can find Stone Circle Scottish crystals in our online store or through our Etsy shop.

This post has been a while in the making. I am exceptionally late in announcing this. We have been on Etsy for a while now. The Stone Circle Shop Etsy store began as Katriona’s Rocks back in 2020, but I kept the two separate for a while. After a few months it seemed silly, so the Etsy store has been renamed The Stone Circle Shop.

You can browse similar products to what we have here. The Etsy shop allows people who are reluctant to give payment information to small businesses the option to pay through a larger company. We do ship Scottish crystals, minerals, and Scottish rocks internationally through either outlet.

Buy Scottish Crystals on Etsy!

You can shop in our Etsy store or through our website to buy Scottish minerals, rocks, and crystals. Since every rock is different, you may find more Scottish agates, Scottish fossils, Southern Highlands Smoky quartz, amethyst, and jasper in The Stone Circle's Etsy shop.

Does The Stone Circle have a Physical Crystal Shop?

A gentle reminder that we are online only. So we joined Etsy to reach more new Scottish crystal collectors worldwide. Plans for Tiktok shop are in the works.

Where to Buy Scottish Crystals?

You can buy Scottish crystals online from The Stone Circle. You can shop on our Etsy page or you can buy through our website. We ship Scottish crystals internationally. We also self-collect our Scottish rocks and minerals, so you have a piece of Scotland which is ethically sourced.

There is no deep mining for these. It’s just me and the dog, with a spade, at the top of a hill in the rain.

You can also find The Stone Circle on TikTok, where we regularly post videos of the Scottish crystals we find. We are on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. If you are a Stone Circle Superfan you can even follow me personally. My own webpage is here.

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