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January 2024 at The Stone Circle

Updated: May 16

What's going on in The Stone Circle in the coming year?

Hello! It’s Katriona again with a January 2024 update on what’s happening in our rocky world. We had a blast of a Christmas and New Year, though we only managed out to rockhound on the 31st December… if the weather was better we’d have been out the whole week.

January has seen Scotland hit by a number of storms. We don’t know if it’s a record or not but it should be. Our wheelie bin took off down the street and we have a flattened fence – but we are still doing our rocky thang even in the 80mph winds.

Anyway – onto the update! Glad you could join us! Let’s get down to business.

Thanks for a Great Year!

Once again, let’s start by thanking each one of our customers, supporters, followers, and blog readers for your ongoing encouragement. Without each of you, this would not be a small business. The intention was only ever to sell a few of the coolest rocks we found. It was a hobby which experienced tremendous public support when we first set out. That support is still going strong today, so thank you,

Katriona from the Stone Circle wearing purple glasses, wearing a brown scarf and waling in a forest.

3 Years of Crystal Selling

That was in April 2021, when we first opened our doors to sell Scottish rocks, crystals, and minerals. We realised early on that we would have to sell international crystals too, but we try to keep them minimal. Our focus is always on this beautiful, scenic country that we live in.

3 years of selling rocks has taught us to respect the land we take them from. We don’t take as much as we did previously. We replenish where we can and we even take the rocks we don’t use back to the locations we collected them from. During this journey of respecting the land, we have removed several kilos of plastic waste from Scottish waterways as we go. Rocks are not the only thing we pick up.

Personally, I have seen some fantastic locations with spectacular scenery. I have patrolled the edges of lochs and scoured the rivers north and south. I have climbed far more hills than I ever thought I would, and some of them more than once. I have been out in all weathers, even snow and hail. I have even been stuck up a mountain and had to call for help. Let’s just not talk about that one tiny road where the car hit a ditch and I had to find the nearest farmer in a slush storm…

What I am trying to say is that hunting rocks as part of The Stone Circle has changed my life. It’s made me more adventurous, given me the rockhounding fever, and taken me all over the country. I have seen and done things I would never do sat at home in front of this computer. It’s been a wild ride. I’m thankful for every second of it.

A lump of basaltic rock with vugs of calcite, quartz, and chalcedony through it.
Vesicular Amygdaloidal Basalt - or Galaxy Stone for short

The Stone Circle in 2024

Plans for this year are the same as the last two years have been. To keep going and growing. To keep collecting the finest minerals out there and bringing them to the rest of the world and to keep seeing bigger, better locations.

This year we would like to travel farther, exploring the north in greater detail. The Stone Circle team never made it up to the Cairngorms last year due to the cost of living, but let’s hope this year changes things.

This year we plan on putting in daily work to advance our brand, so expect more social media content featuring our fantastic rocks. We also aim to grow our blog with details of all the crystals we collect. Watch this space for future E-books too. There is always more knowledge to share in the land of mineralogy.

Keep rocking!


Team TSC


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