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A regular client of ours (hi!) ordered a commission for amethyst pendants. We cut four slices and these are the ones we have left over. There are 8 pieces of amethyst mixed with host rock. Only the four at the end are amethyst only. All have been tumbled to a shine and come in freeform shapes. Some are thinner than others, you should be able to tell from the photos.

You could use silver or gold bezel on these to make pendants. You could do the lapidary work to facet them. You might just drill a hole in them and attach them to a necklace.

These Scottish Amethyst Crystals come from an area nr Dalbeattie down in Dumfries and Galloway. The rock we cut them from was picked up in October 2020. It finally fell apart on us after many slices.

1 piece Freeform Scottish Amethyst and Host Rock Cabochons

SKU: 8.89801
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