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Australian Aventurine


Green crystals don’t come as immaculate as these ones do. This green aventurine came all the way from Australia, where it was picked, cut, shaped, and polished at the local lapidary club. Fox found and polished these when he used to live there. They are in interesting shapes because he was practising forming the rounded edged shapes.


We don’t find aventurine in Scotland. It’s not impossible… let’s remember the story of the Scottish scientist who bet his peers he could find any gem in Scotland and proceeded to present a diamond found in the Cairngorms. However, this green aventurine came all the way from Oz.


About Green Aventurine


Green aventurine is sometimes known as the ‘stone of opportunity’. It is said to be lucky, probably because of the occasional fleck of fools’ gold that can be seen in its colour. It can have flecks of mica and fuchsite through it too, but these pieces are fully green.


Aventurine is, as always, a form of quartz. In this case, the colour comes from the chromium in soil. The fuchsite contributes to the strength of the green. It has a Mohs hardens of between 6.5-7, depending on its precise composition. You should not be able to scratch it with a knife or nail.


Healing Properties of Green Aventurine


Green stones usually relate to the heart chakra, but aventurine is a bit of a composition. There are many minerals in it, not all of which are green. Plus, here at the Stone Circle, we don’t believe that you ought to match a stone to a chakra point based on colour alone. For example, the pyrite flecks contained within the stone are associated with the solar plexus chakra because it is yellow, even though it bleeds green and can come in peacock colours when the right chemicals are applied.


This stone is a luck stone. They inspire calm, encourage compassion, and are connected to wealth and prosperity. They feel like a soft, nurturing encouragement with a hard edge.

1pc Rockhounded Australian Aventurine

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