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This immaculate banded Scottish agate for sale is a real beauty. With showstopping bands from the outside to the inside, this semi precious stone was collected in Ayrshire in the last days of 2022. This ethical crystal from Britain came home with us, where it ran through four tumbling stages plus two soap stages to polish it.

This Scottish agate has pronounced lines, an eye on the back, a slightly drusy quartz pocket centres. It also has the figure of a person in it, which adds to the amazement. I don't know if this was a half nodule originally or not, but chances are high the other half will go into my personal crystal collection if it shows up.

You can browse Scottish agates for sale from the option in our scroll down menu or you can read about Scottish agate crystals on The Stone Circle blog.

Updated in July to add that second half as it emerged from the next batch of tumbling. Now you get two halves for a little less. Also, that second half has these gorgeous circular eyes on them.

2 Halves Amazing Ayrshire Agate

SKU: 12.01
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