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The other half of this one may already be out there somewhere, otherwise it crumbled on the saw. This crystal was hiding inside the Christmas boxes from 2022, so I have officially lost track. If I hadn't left a note inside the wrapping paper I wouldn't know where it came from, either.

This Scottish agate mineral seems to be mostly chalcedony. It has that lovely ghost of lines in the centre. It's a blueby, as we like to call them. It has been tumbled to polish it. It is a small stone but agates from this location are becoming rarer all the time. We adjusted the price based on the size. The two white patches are a calcite mineral. They shine like marble if you catch the sun with them.

We bought these agates from another rockhound who lives farther north.

Ardownie Agate Half from Scotland

SKU: 3.33
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