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Brazilian Amethyst Druzy


This piece of Brazilian amethyst is a druzy piece with small crystals. It sparkles in the light. It’s only a couple of inches by one inch but it is a nice enough piece that we picked it up. This piece came from a museum where they were selling off old pieces. We don’t have 100% confirmation that it came from Brazil, but we have seen similar bottoms on Brazilian agate geode pieces where the dark agate lines form on the outside. The druzy part forms on the inside.


Amethyst is a crystal of sobriety. The ancient Greeks used to make drinking vessels out of it in the mistaken belief that it kept them sober for longer. It is a pretty purple stone, which is actually just a variety of quartz. Manganese and iron oxides in the soil stain the crystal the lovely purple colour we cherish so much.


What is Amethyst Used For?


Amethyst is associated with the crown chakra and third eye. If you don’t believe in crystal healing, then it is prized for use in jewellery. It is a beautiful translucent purple. The richer the purple, the higher the worth of the gemstone.


While this piece came from Brazil, we do have some Scottish amethyst for sale on the site. Keep an eye on the page because we routinely add more amethyst when we find it. You can also read all about it on our blog.

Brazilian Amethyst Geode Section

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