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Brazilian Smoky Quartz Crystals

This piece has three gorgeous smoky quartz crystals in a lovely black motion colour.

We have four lots of beautifully preserved Brazilian smoky quartz crystals for sale.

One of our founders came across a lot that was too good to pass up on. Smokey quartz crystal clusters are so closely related to the mountain smoky quartz that we sell… they are like cousins from a whole world away. There’s something mystical in that.


The Meaning of Brazilian Smoky Quartz Crystal ClustersThese little crystal clusters are great grounding crystals for healing. They are able to gather and disperse fear, negative thoughts, and depression. They can be used as stones to give you the clarity and focus of the regular clear quartz, or they can be used to connect you to the earth with their deep brown clarity.

Brazilian Smokey Quartz

£8.00 Regular Price
£7.20Sale Price
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