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This is the third and final piece of smoky quartz from Brazil that we picked up in 2020. You can tell that I am finally sorting my life out because the back dated crystals are finally making it onto the website.

These are beautiful pieces. We got them second hand but don't ask me where. Personally I don't like buying anything I can't trace to source. I'm happy to buy old collections since they are preloved. These four pieces Fox picked up one day, I think from the auctioneer.

Smoky quartz is good in crystal healing. It carries the extra oomph that quartz has combined with the smokiness of star systems. It is used in the crown, in the root, and in between. I would choose Cairngorm Smokey Quartz for crystal healing and keep this, with its beautiful points, as a specimen or crystal collection piece.

Brazilian Smoky Needle Quartz

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