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This Scottish mineral specimen came from the Southern Uplands Way, not far from Wanlockhead. It is a bit of a mystery to us, which usually means someone is getting a bargain.

The large crystals seem to be calcite crystals. The orange, very glittery mineral is likely Siderite, though we rarely see it so druzy.

In between both there is a third Scottish mineral specimen. It looks like amethyst, however, it is likelier to be quartz stained purple from either the Siderite, or from the presence of hematite in the soil. This area is known for hematite.

This is a gorgeous crushed up hit mess of Scottish crystals. Found in 2020, it has been on the display shelf for a while. Now it's ready for someone else's enjoyment.

Calcite, Siderite, Quartz, and unknown mineral specimen

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