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Recently we headed up to Stirlingshire and Perthshire on a hunt for pretty quartz and came across these garnets in a soft mica material which crumbles away. As we often hunt quartz in Perthshire, it seemed suddenly odd that we had never thought about where the garnets went when the mica dissolved.

They go into the sand and make it red. From now on, we will stop whenever we see red sand and check it.

This is the biggest rough garnet from our first official garnet hunt in 2024... Or ever, for that matter.

It's about a gram in weight, which is bigger than the rest. We are going to play around with tumbling one or two of them when the new machine arrives. Hopefully we can get the glassy shine up on them.

Garnet (Almondine) in Gem Pod

SKU: Gp2
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