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We were out on Sunday there, mid-April, and headed north. We were on a mission as our Smokey quartz from Scotland was running low. Thank you guys for loving it so much. It's a long drive and takes a day or two to recover from nowadays. One of these days we will be too old to collect crystals and minerals from Scotland!

Anyway, this is a nice big 500g plus chunk of Scottish Smokey quartz. It weighs more than our 500g of rough smoky quartz for rock tumbling lots! It has the Scottish Highlands typical mica scuff on it but there is definitely nice deep grey colour to it. There's also that smoky citrine colour to it with a tongue of yellow.

This is an awesome Scottish mineral sample suitable for display, lapidary slicing and cabbing, and any crystal collection.

Half kilo chunk of Scottish Smoky Quartz

SKU: Rrgreen2
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