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Although Scottish crystals are our priority here, we are happy to welcome a varied mix of artists, each of whom deliver handcrafted Scottish gifts, each more unique than the last. This Scottish Chain Maille necklace is one example of the brilliance Scottish artists can produce.

Incredible Chain Maille Feature Necklace

This striking feature necklace will add the finishing touches to any chrome, black, or industrial fit. Chainmaille jewelry is the ideal solution for outstanding cyberpunk fashion. This stunning, original chainmaille necklace suits gothic outfits, matches artistic, designer dresses, and will make you stand out in any crowd.

Going to an event where you don't know anyone? A hand woven chain mail necklace or bracelet will create an outfit talking point, allowing you easy small talk. This is a piece of wearable art.


- 1.6*8.5mm stainless steel

- Each loop hand cut from wire

- 3 rows wide

- completely unique jewelry

- magnetic catch

- resin stone, similar to gold stone but with galaxy blue coloured flecks.

-18 inch necklace

Chain Mail Commissions

The artist, named Tom, has agreed to offer commissions for building chain maille pieces.Tom is based in the Central Lowlands of Scotland, where he creates these amazing necklaces out of nothing but steel. He creates full chainmail jackets, recreating the chain making skills of Medieval soldiery. He works with steel, aluminium, titanium, and any other metal of your choosing. He can create full sets of matching necklaces and bracelets. If you wish to book Tom for a commission, send us your details and he will contact you.

Hand Woven Chain Maille Necklace, Hand Crafted by a Scottish Artist

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