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This piece of Australian Boulder opal is from the Koroit area. We didn't pick it but we did but it straight from the source through a gem auction. We have a few pieces set aside to cut and polish, and a couple of pieces like this, loose, rough opal for sale.

This is a rare occurrence for us. This opal crystal has deep blues and turquoise greens in it. It has big patches of colour for such a seemingly small piece. These colours are suitable for lapidary work. There is real potential for making money from this opal if you know how to cut it. We are a little nervous to approach lapidary work on opals, but we'll work up to it.

There's a lovely legend from the Aboriginal people about how the Gods made the world. When they were done, they put all the leftover colours into the opals. It's one of our favourite crystal stories.

*pictured wet and dry*

Koroit Boulder Opal from Australia

SKU: 10.20
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