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This large Ayrshire agate was a once in a lifetime find. It has exceptional banding all the way through with that candle flame pattern in the centre. It came from a hiking path and there may be a finding video on Tiktok. It was found back in 2021 but I liked it so much it has lived on my window ledge ever since.

I put it in the tumbler but it's obviously too large. Then I hand polished the faces after Fox cut it open on the tile saw. This is two halves of the same nodule. I wanted to keep them together.

Shopping for an ethically sourced purple and pink crystal? This Scottish agate looks amazing in your crystal collection. It's large, banded, and beautiful.

There are a few cracks in this Scottish crystal but if you stabilised it you could cut cabochons and faceted gems from this mineral specimen. Ideal for lapidary work if you have the equipment.

I'll be sad to see this one go but it is time.

Large Ayrshire Agate with Banding, Purple Crystal

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