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This is a huge calcite point, definitely the largest whole calcite crystal in a natural point that we have ever seen. This was picked up from down in the Southern Uplands. It was collected at the beginning of August in 2023.

Our heavy scales are broken at the moment. We know it's far greater than the 100g maximum on the lighter scales. It feels around 200-250g but we usually find our estimates are underweight.

This giant point has evidence of copper crystals in it, which we tried to capture in the photos. It's about 3 inches wide and across at the base, and four inches tall. The formation includes multiple points concluding in one massive point.

The Scottish crystal has blades of calcite and calcite crystals in diamond shapes down one of the faces. The whole mineral specimen has a lovely light refraction to it. If you turn it the right way it catches the light wonderfully.

You could use this calcite as a Scottish healing crystal. Calcite is a great rebuilder, a healing crystal from Scotland that feels like wisdom and strength. This Scottish rock is a focuser, kind of like a pyramid.

There are videos of Katriona uncovering this crystal point while rockhounding. Visit us on Instagram or Tiktok via the links at the top of the page to spot it.

This is a one off. We probably won't find anything like it, ever again.

Large Calcite Crystal Point Heavy, with Copper

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