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There is a bit of a long story behind this one.


A few times each year we head north into the southern Scottish Highlands to find good quartz. Easy enough, except that there is a mountain in the way. It's always a lovely day out, but quite a drive and so we don't get there often.


Back in 2021/2 Katriona was on the mountain, admiring the rocks, when she came across this weird quartz crystal. It is all sorts of strange shapes, almost looking like a piece made from points all covered in this mica/schist material.


She picked it up, showed it to the camera, and then left it where it was because it was so weird she didn't really know what to make of it.




Cut to a month later when the video hits TikTok - and the number of you who begged us to go back and find it was insane. We didn't make it until Katriona drove up again in the spring.


This is a mountainside surrounded by rocks, there are billions of rocks on this pice of land. You are at serious risk of spraining an ankle clambering over them. Deep down we all knew that we would never see this weird quartz crystal again... Until we did.


Katriona went back up the mountain, found the danged weird quartz crystal, and brought it back for you all to admire. It has been sitting in the living room, pride of place, ever since.


So yes, it is massively overpriced. However, this rock is literally one in a million. The chances of finding it again were extraordinary, the fact that we have it now is astronomical in terms of odds.


So all behold the Magical Mystery Mountain Quartz. We don't really expect to sell it, we just wanted to tell the remarkable story behind it.



Magical Mystery Mountain Quartz

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