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Moss Agate Pendant

This moss agate pendant is formed from an Australian moss agate piece, found by one of our founders on his world travels. Although not a Scottish crystal, the Moss agate was drilled and attached to the necklace here in the central belt. The crystal itself is a semi-see-through piece, with awesome examples of that rich mossy-ness in deep green.

The moss agate crystal is a flat piece, cut perfectly to a disk shape. It has been well polished and holed for the bail, then had a silver-plated bale added for ease of attachment to a necklace. The necklace is sterling silver plated.


What’s the Meaning of Moss Agate?

Moss agate makes things grow. As well as carrying the luck of the agate, it retains the green sparks of inspiration that helps things heal and grow.It is a stone of retreat, reminding you not to get bogged down by your urban life.


Societal pressures are nothing when compared to the garden of life.Thinking about making major changes? Stressed out at the thought? Moss agate will help you through this troubled time.

Moss Agate Pendant

£15.99 Regular Price
£14.39Sale Price
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