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This Copper nugget was in a bag named "Native Copper" meaning it is probably pure copper or an approximate alloy. Rather than being in the crystal form, this is a nugget which appears smushed up into chewing gum form, through time, pressure, and maybe water.

This is a really attractive chunk of native metal which is a little bigger than a 50p piece. After doing a bit of reading it turns out that copper has been a healing crystal/metal since ancient times. You can still buy copper bracelets, meant for dismissing aches and pains, to this day.

Copper bracelets are particularly associated with the treatment of arthritis. Rumour has it that it is such an attractive mineral because it appeals to all chakra points at once.

We don't have an exact location on this one since it was picked up as part of an old crystal collection which we purchased in Glasgow back in December 2022.

"Native Copper" - label from old crystal collection, 12/22

SKU: W16
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