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These two Scottish crystals are both chalcedony, a crystalline variety of quartz. I can't see any agate patterns on them but I am suspicious about both. They have all the right colours and signs, but I don't see bands.

The Scottish carnelian is a gorgeous, deep red colour. This piece was naturally tumbled in an Ayrshire river and then given a soap tumble. Carnelians make excellent healing crystals due to Thier strong connection with passion, roots, and the earth.

The purple Chalcedony crystal has been through four stages of tumbling and has a gorgeous shine. Purple gemstones like purple Chalcedony from Scotland and our Scottish amethyst both affect the crown and third eye chakras.

These were found on Ayrshire on one of the hunts this year. The red crystal was found first and the purple came from a recent trip.

Purple Chalcedony and Carnelian from Ayrshire

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