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Scottish Agate Piece in a  Display Tin


We regularly come across pieces of agate on our rockhounding adventures. Many of these pieces are beautiful enough to go in their own display tin. Scottish crystals for sale at the Stone Circle have all been self-collected, meaning you get an ethically sourced crystal or mineral sample, every time.


These pieces of Scottish Agate for sale all display either exceptional banding, fantastic colour, or great depth. We choose only the best pieces of agate to go on display, allowing us to sell crystals for crystal collections all over the UK, and beyond.


These are genuine Scottish Agate/Chalcedony pieces, found by us. You can follow our adventures in rockhounding through Instagram and Tiktok, where you can claim any crystals you like the look of in our rockhounding videos. 


What are Scottish Agates used for?


A Scottish agate is an excellent display piece for any crystal collection. Similar to Lake Superior Agates in banding, colour, and depth, they are prized as among the best in the world. They are polished, placed in  display cabinets, and highly prized. 


Scottish agate is often used in Jewellery and was extensively sought after during the Victorian era. To this day, you will still find plenty of Scottish Agate necklaces, brooches, rings, and bracelets, from the Victorian period. They turn up often in antique stores.

We have several whole Scottish agates for sale here at the Stone Circle. We recommend the ghost, our blue waterline, and our tangerine agates.

Scottish Agate Piece in a  Display Tin

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