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Dolomite Crystals on Quartz


This beautiful crystal specimen is ideal for a crystal collector. Dolomite, something we don’t often sell, is so rarely seen in this kind of defined crystal structure. We often find it in massive form, which are chunks to you and I.


This piece resembles a slice of creamy crystals on one side with a shimmer quartz drusy on the other. Quartz druses are known for how much they sparkle and this piece deserves to be seen in the sunlight or kept in a lit cabinet.



What is Dolomite Crystal Good For?


When used in crystal healing, dolomite is seen as a great solidifier. It represents patience, nurturing, and the passage of time as the greatest healer of all. Dolomite is said to open the heart chakra and balance the fiery passion of the lower chakra points with the care and compassion of the careful builder.

Scottish Dolomite on Druzy Quartz

SKU: 8.3
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