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This Scottish flint material came from Ayrshire. We call it flint or chert, but local geological papers say it is a blend of chalcedony and flint, making a strange mix. Back in the days of early people, flint was used not as a healing crystal, but as a stone they could easily chip into a sharp point. This made flint excellent for creating tools such as axes, arrowheads, and knives during the prehistoric periods.


This piece might never be used for a tool, but it could be used as a crystal. Flint is a type of quartz, a few small steps from agate.


What is Flint Good For?


Flint is used to make tools, jewellery, and other items. It can be used as a fire starting material if it is cut the correct way. As a healing crystal, flint is said to empower all the chakra points, which is quite special. This crystal's history as a tool used by early man shapes how it might interact with human energy. It is a tool. That's how it ought to be used.


Or, ya know, it looks nice on the shelf.

Scottish flint/chalcedony mix for bushcraft

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