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Here at The Stone Circle, we regularly run into other Scottish artists and makers who don't have floor space to sell their products. Nico McMillan from Branching Out! is a felllow Scottsh creator who is trained to create bespoke handmade furniture products. Nowadays, you can find her creating wooden veneer pieces for sale, or sewing her own products from upcycled materials and parts. Before she made furniture, though, she sold necklaces made from recycled skateboards in Glasgow.


Recycled Scottish Skateboard Necklaces


Team TSC managed to wrangle five recycled, sustainable jewellery necklaces from Branching Out! to sell here in our Scottish crystal shop. Admittedly, this Scottish gift is not crystal based, but we aim to have more guest creators display Scottish handmade products in our online shop to encourage our wee nation's growth. Buying a recycled skateboard jewellery necklace from Branching Out! is a great way to support the Scottish economy and keep our creative makers in work.


There are a few choices in colour and shape here. The skateboards are compressed together, shaped, and polished. The materials used are upcycled and recycled where possible. Nico aims to be as plastic-free as we try to be, because sustainable gifts should be at the heart of Scottish artworks.



Scottish Made Recycled Skateboard Necklaces, by Branching Out!

Branching Out Necklaces
  • You can follow Nico on Facebook or on Instagram if you'd like to know more or see her process. You can also shop for similar products through her store directly over on NUMonday.

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