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We picked this up back in 2020. I think this was actually one of Fox's finds rather than mine. It is a nice onyx agate with that straight waterline pattern throughout in grey and white. This feels like a guys stone, if that makes sense?

I tumbled this in the high grits so it could use further work if you don't want to keep it as a good example of Scottish onyx agate. I listed it for sale twice already and each time took it off the page or didn't complete the listing. The last time, I thought I should cut it open and see the inside. Which I think is a good idea. I just think that a better lapidary artist than me should do it. This unique Scottish agate is better than my machinery. I'm not sure if it would cab but cutting and polishing would help bring out the hidden beauty of this self-collected Scottish mineral.

This is an Ayrshire agate found back in 2020 and not tumbled till that last September 2022 batch.

Scottish Onyx Agate, tumbled

SKU: 11.80
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