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While we are river trawling looking for rocks or on the beaches picking up bits of fishing net and sea glass, the Stone Circle team come across pieces of old pottery. While removing material from beaches might be wrong, removing glass and pottery counts as removing pollution which should never have been in our waterways in the first place.

We weicht (whe-ckht) these sea pottery pieces from the water, bring them home, and give them a good scrub. Some are naturally stained from the river, but all are scrubbed clean. I leave them in vinegar overnight to kill off the last germs. I then drill a small hole in them, then varnish them in clear varnish. Last of all we thread them on a waxed cotton lace. We leave the lace long on each so that you can adapt your Scottish sea pottery piece to your desired length.

This sea Pottery necklace has a couple of Fimo beads which we made one day, back when we collected beads instead of rocks.

Sea Pottery Necklace - Fimo Bead

SKU: 4,2
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