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Scottish Highlands Quartz Crystal Necklace

Wire-wrapped on a black waxed cotton lace, these necklaces have a

Some of the  Scottish quartz crystal chunks we find in the southern Highlands are so dark they can pass for citrine. The ones we choose for necklaces are the clearest small chunks that we find.

The necklaces come with a waxed cotton lace which we leave long enough for you to adjust the length of.. The stone has not been harmed in any way but has been wrapped in silver wire. The end result is a chunky-but-interesting necklace that will make a talking point for any party.

“Where did you get that interesting necklace?”

“Actually, Sandra, it came from the top of a Scottish mountain…”


Pictures are examples. You will receive a random beautiful wire wrapped Scottish Highland Smoky Quartz.



The Meaning of Scottish Smoky Quartz Crystals

Smoky quartz is one of our favourite grounding and healing crystals. Usually sold in the rough, this rare stone is clouded, usually dark, and sometimes sold as citrine!

In crystal healing, smokey quartz retains the clarity, focus, and purpose that clear and clouded quartz has. It also retains a strong earth connection that acts as a lightning rod for fear, worry, anxiety and depression.

Wire Wrapped Smokey Quartz from Scotland

SKU: 4.114
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