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The Aye Rocks just landed in the TSC store. These cute little googly-eyed monsters come in a variety of shapes and sizes and earn their names from their cool features. For example, Donald (where's yer troosers?) for the rock that oddly managed to look like Donald Trump.


These rocks come mainly from Scottish Rivers such as the Tay, the Clyde, and the wee burns and tributaries that lead into them. We have gifted them with eyes enough to see the world with and look daft while doing it.


This is a fun way to buy a Scottish mineral specimen online.


These pet rocks for sale in the UK are cheap and cheerful. They are designed to let everyone have a little piece of Scotland for a not-too-outlandish price. They vary in size and shape but most are small or medium stones.


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Aye Rocks - Pet Rocks from Scottish River Stones

SKU: rrwlbx
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