Scottish Rough Smoky Quartz

Scottish Rough Smoky Quartz

Rough Cairngorm Quartz


Scottish Smoky Quartz from the Mountains of the Scottish Highlands

Our Rough Cairngorm smoky quartz crystals are picked from the mountain and shipped straight to your door.

Quartz can be fully clouded, striped when wet, can come with muscovite or other micas attached, but is guaranteed to be the perfect addition to your crystal collection.

We select the quartz pieces that are best suited to purpose and grade them into two different levels:

Smoky Quartz Crystals 500g (1.102 lbs)
This Smokey Quartz is brought from the top of a mountain, cleaned up, and shipped out. It contains only trace elements of other minerals, such as the Micas common to the Highland area. It varies in colour from completely clear through to dark smoky brown. The best of these crystals can pass for
citrine in the right light.

Cloudy Quartz Crystals 500g (1.102 lbs)
Our cloudy quartz crystals make fine jewellery and can be used as milky quartz crystal specimens for those that want to tumble rocks and minerals. They are excellent examples of mountain quartz, found from the same sources in the Highlands as the others are. The only difference between the
two is that our cloudy, milky quartz is clear to white, rather than dark.

The Smoky Quartz crystals for sale here at The Stone Circle are all-natural. They have come straight from the mountain, where they have been picked from among the scree.


Lots are for 500 grams (half a kilo) of quartz.

Quartz is rough and does not contain points. Past clients have informed us that they did cut it into points and shape it for cabochons.
We have a variety of Cairngorm Quartz sources in the Southern Highlands of Scotland. All our sources are mountain-based, so that each quartz crystal for sale has come from the true wilds of Scotland.

Each of these healing crystals is unique, gorgeous, and blessed with that intrinsic mountain spirit that calls each of Scotland’s children home again.

    500 Grams