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Give a Crystal this Valentine’s Day

What better way to express your like than with a gemstone?

Copy of a Tweet by Andrew Nadeau, who says: "Nobody offers to show me a cool rock they found anymore adulthood is dumb"

*KatrionaWrites is an Amazon Affiliate and may make a small commission on items bought from Amazon through this page. Rock hunting is an expensive hobby and a girl’s gotta eat*

Here at The Stone Circle, we know that not enough people show each other the cool rocks they find anymore. We think Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to express this sentiment to your Significant Other. Take the time to look at hot rock picks on the internet, picking the cutest ones and sending them to each other.

A crystal lasts far longer than a card, a box of chocolates, a bunch of flowers, and a human being. Naturally, this makes it one of the best gifts you can give.

A Stone Circle Scottish Crystal Says “I’m Thinking of You”

Sharing rock pics online is a great way to tell your partner you are thinking of them this Valentine’s Day. Even better, buying a rock or Scottish crystal from the Stone Circle allows you to share your love of rocks with your real love. The crystal pack tend to stick together, so we know on good authority that buying your partner a crystal instead of flowers is a good, wholesome move. After all, a crystal lasts forever, a bunch of flowers only lasts five days tops.

As well as shopping for Scottish crystals online this Valentine’s Day, we wanted to give you good choices. Here are some other popular gifts for the crystal lover in your life, this Valentine’s Day.

Unique Valentine’s Day gifts for the Crystal Lover in your Life

Shopping for Valentine’s Day presents? These crystal based gifts make unique valentine’s day presents for him and for her.

Rose Quartz is THE Love Crystal

Three chunks of rough, uncut rose quartz crystals against a background of fresh green grass.

Rose quartz is the ultimate stone of love. This pink version of standard quartz takes its colour from certain minerals in the soil (chiefly manganese and iron). These minerals stain the silica in the quartz a pretty pink colour, reflecting the colour of romance… or intestines… whichever you associate with the Valentine’s heart.

There is a secret girl code regarding rose quartz. It affects the heart chakra and attracts love into your life. If a girl ever left a pink crystal at your house then now you know why. This also makes it the most romantic crystal besides a diamond that you can gift to another human.

Unfortunately, we have only ever found two pieces of quartz in this country that even remotely resembled rose quartz. We are still looking for pieces which are truly pink. Lucky for you Amazon has a whole host of rose quartz crystals to hand. Let’s take a look at some of the rose quartz crystals which look like good buys for Valentine’s gifts.

Rose Quartz Face Roller

There are few things in life as luxurious as a skincare routine inclusive of a face roller. While jade is traditional, any type of quartz will produce a cooling, soothing feel. A Rose Quartz face roller is a luxurious gift. This rose quartz face roller originates from China. While they don’t have the least impactful mining practises, the crystals are usually of exceptional quality since the mines are so deep.

Rose Gua Sha Massage Tool

This Gua Sha tool is a pink heart shape, ideal for Valentine’s Day. Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese healing method which involves stroking the skin while pressing down using a gua sha tool. Since this is both heart shaped and good for your skin, your SO should like it.

This rose quartz set is really nice because it has both tools inside. Of course, Amazon give you the option of next day delivery too, should you leave things until the last minute.

Not all Rose Quartz is real, as pink glass can give a similar effect. If you want to make sure you are buying real rose quartz crystals, try to opt for the rougher stuff. If it is fully pink, there is more chance of fakery. Look for imperfections for real quartz. These rough rose quartz chunks look authentic, as do these carved hearts. You can see the swirls of light and dark within them that convince us they are real crystals.

While Rose Quartz is amazing, it is very pink. Guys don’t always like it. There are far more manly crystals that they might accept instead. One of these is Carnelian.

Scottish Carnelian Crystals from The Stone Circle

One piece of Australian carnelian in darker orange lies next to a piece of lighter yellow eye agate from Scotland, on a bed of cotton wool.

We do find a lot of Scottish Carnelian. Although slightly rare, these carnelian crystals line our waterways with Scottish agate goodness. Sometimes found with traditional agate patterns such as banding and eyes, these carnelian crystals are perfect for the lower chakras… and for building the passions we house there.

In stock at the moment we have some stunning self-collected Australian Carnelian brought over from one of our founding members. There are also Scottish carnelians in differing varieties and hues, which you can see here.

We particularly love this big ball of Carnelian and quartz crystal “teeth” and this display tin containing both a Scottish and an Australian carnelian crystal, for those that love Oz.

Crystal Valentine’s Day Gifts for him

Still not manly enough for your partner this Valentine’s Day? Let’s see what we can find online which oozes enough testosterone to keep up.

Flint/Chert for Bushcraft

If your man loves the great outdoors then this is the ultimate Valentine’s day gift. We have a bunch of Scottish agatey-flinty material. Why is this so good for guys? Ancient peoples would use these rocks to chip off sharp edges. These edges might make a good knife or a hardy arrowhead. In fact, we still find old arrowheads to this day… Which leads us to our next idea…

Ancient Arrowheads

Arrowheads are not so common in Scotland. We liked to hit each other with swords that were twice the length of our bodies, which we swung around our heads as we entered battle. Face it, if you saw an angry Scot screaming, with a blue face, a kilt, and swinging a sword around their head, you’d probably retreat too.

But other countries give us plenty of old arrowheads made of tektite materials. These are ‘crystals’ formed by volcanic movements or by asteroid impact. Obsidian is technically a tektite, caused from lava reaching sand.

The Ontario Rockhound would be our first port of call if we wanted to buy authentic arrowheads. Rookie Rockhounding might also have them. However, if you need them in time for Valentine’s Day 2024, you can also buy your arrowheads from Amazon. Avoid opalite since it is just man made glass. You can also buy them in spear points and knife form knapped obsidian and flint, too. There’s even a book on how to knap the arrowhead yourself to go with them.

The Shark’s Tooth/Fossils

The Shark’s Tooth necklace was a common staple for surfer boys in the 90’s. It still stands the test of fashion time today. Pick one up here. Alternatively, order your shark tooth in a display case, where you can shelve it and look at it.

These Shropshire fossils represent a good cross-section of natural pieces you can find in England when fossil hunting. We love that these are from the UK. Head over to Shropshire crystals and take a peek. Watch out for fakes. The chances of buying a real small dinosaur fossil for ten dollars are slim to none.

Let’s have a special mention for smash-your-own geodes, too. Usually from China or Brazil, these light coloured, round rocks need to meet a hammer for you to see the hidden drusy beauty on the inside. We say that’s a great Valentine’s Day gift for anyone.

Think The Stone Circle for Crystal Goodies

All we ask is that you follow our page on FB or IG, we understand not everyone has crystal cash these days and every share helps us. We will likely refresh and add to this article in 2025 with updated gifts, so do watch this space for more.

May you have the happiest Valentine’s Day ever this year!



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