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This Scottish crystal is one of a kind. They all are, but this one especially. We found two of these, one too large to ship and this fist sized one is the other.

This Scottish agate could be classed as a geode because of the spaces between the quartz teeth. We jokingly call them teeth because it looks like a jaw clenched shut. It has an agate skin with a carnelian red through it. There is a little pink and the blue tinge of white chalcedony in there. The outer edge has one or two bands, with what appears to be Waterlines in one section.

We cleaned this piece as much as we could. If you have a tumbler or want to cut it, you could clean it up more. Lapidary artists could make something beautiful out of this. Otherwise it is the perfect Scottish agate for your collection. This one deserves to be on the shelf. It came from Ayrshire in 2021.

Fist sized Ayrshire Agate/Geode Carnelian with Quartz "Teeth"

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