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Australian Jasper


A slight deviation from our normal jasper pieces, Fox found these jasper nodules while he was in Australia. He cut and polished them at the local lapidary club, and three or four years later they ended up on a website in Scotland.


The jasper from Australia really does rival the Scottish jasper. We are listing it for less because it’s not a true Scottish rock. It’s a bit of a different product for us. You can buy rough Scottish Jasper from us but look out for the occasional tumbled piece. We even hand polish our jasper once in a while.

We will hand-pick your jasper crystal for you. As you can see, these pieces are in a variety of shapes. The round ones are lovely and unusual. They can be holed for beads.


Jasper History


Australian or Scottish, Jasper is a great stone for polishing. Jasper is some of the most sought after for jewellery. Commoners in ancient Scotland would have shone the stones and sold them to passing merchants and as beads. When cleaned, polished, and shaped, this stone makes a fantastic gift, pendant, tumble stone, or centrepiece.


Jasper Uses


If you intend to use these jasper pieces as healing stones then we encourage you to do so. Red jasper correlates with the root chakra and can be used for blockages in your extremities. It has a Mohs hardness of 7 because it is a member of the quartz family and, as we know, quartz gives out a small electromagnetic signal.

1pc Rockhounded Australian Jasper

SKU: 3.7
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