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TSC were down in Dumfriesshire in October 2022. It was the first trip team TSC have managed down there in a while. We came away with some pretty pieces of pale Scottish amethyst and one or two darker minerals.


This piece of Scottish amethyst has deep purple colour to it. You might be able to slice it up. The amethyst here grows under intense pressure in the Dumfriesshire hills. This makes for unique shapes and sizes. The rock is often crushed and the amethyst emerges in the cracks.

This is a good old chunk of amethyst on the host rock. There's good colour to it. There are visible points, lines as if it were chevron or amethyst agate, and a dusting of hematite all over. We cleaned it up as best we could and stripped away crumbling material, though a little may remain.


What is Amethyst used for?


Amethyst crystals are interior decor as much as it is a healing crystal. Amethyst crystals are associated with the crown and third eye chakras. They are perfect for meditation and dream work.

Amethyst in Host Rock, 400g amethyst crystals in rock.

SKU: Rrwledge
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