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Once you have been selling crystals in the UK for a while, crystals start to come to you. It's as if you put out some sort of spiritual beacon and the rocks it and they will be sent, sold, appear in auctions, come as extras when we pick up other stones, and generally appear in the apartment from sources unknown.

This is no longer a collection, it is a calling.

We don't know where these white agates and clear chalcedony pieces came from but they mark the start of a turning point for us. Look out for similar lots and a shop category for crystals under £5 in future.

These are tumble stones. Clear chalcedony and white agate have a delicate feel to them. It's almost as if you are looking at clear quartz but through a blur filter. It makes things more magical somehow.

Chalcedony/Clear Agates - International Crystals from Past Crystal Collections

SKU: 7.7789
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