Hand-Sized Large Quartz/Agate from Scotland

Hand-Sized Large Quartz/Agate from Scotland

Hand-Sized Large Agate from Scotland

On a fairly recent trip out we came across a hand-sized agate that looks like it might have been in the seam. This large agate is filled with quartz crystal pocket, but has some fine outer banding in white and red around the outer skin. With fortification in evidence and this piece being of considerable size and weight, we decided to leave it as one specimen for someone with a specialist agate collection.

This giant agate has white, pink, red and black in it. There is basalt in some parts, where you are able to see how the agate has been attached to the rock. If cut, it will reveal the rest of its secrets.

Here at The Stone Circle, we don't have a saw big enough for this quartz and chalcedony/agate piece!

What does Agate Mean in Crystal Healing?

In crystal healing and energy use, agate is said to represent good luck. Wearing agate or keeping some in your pocket, will bring you luck when you are going through hard times. Wear an agate necklace to that job interview and be sure to keep a fragment of it in your glove compartment.

Agate is a fun stone because the layers have different chalcedony colours wrapped in a bubbly skin. It has a relaxed, positive vibration, that takes its time to gently seep into your being. Once it’s in there, however, it can heal troubled dreams, help ebb you into meditations easier, and bring spiritual

If you want to know more about agate – including how they are formed and where they occur in Scotland, you can see our blog on Scottish Agates, here.