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Black, white, grey and blue Scottish Agate


We self-collect agates from all over Scotland, but this pretty black and white agate has come from one of our Dunure trips. It is delicate and has supreme waterlines in layers and different colours.


This chalcedony agate for sale came from the Scottish hills and can be shipped straight to your door. It has the dimples skin in white and grey that is typical of the area. This is an Ayrshire agate, the likes of which our ancestors would have polished. We don’t know that they would have been able to open them like we can, though, with a diamond blade.


This piece has been hand-polished to a find, mirror-like shine. It’s a truly beautiful stone that has a masculine energy.



Where can I find Scottish Agates?


You can read all about where to find Scottish agates in our blog about Rockhounding in Scotland. You can also find a greater choice in Scottish Agates for sale if you visit the Scottish Minerals section of our website.

Black & White Scottish Agate Pair

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