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Rose Calcite from the Scottish Hills

We were so happy to find a rose calcite source because of the wonderful energy this stone carries.


We have found multiple chunks of it and note that it does look a lot like rose quartz. It is paler and milkier than a rose quartz, but it has a lovely feeling to it that is not unlike when you went to grannies for dinner as a kid. If we had to assign a word to rose calcite, it would be “wholesome”.

These rose calcite chunks have come from the Southern Uplands of Scotland. They are pretty, pink, and ready to be brought home. We have found them, brought them home and cleaned off the dirt, and they are as you see them now.


What is the meaning of rose calcite?

As we know from our many other ventures into calcite crystal selling, it is a great healer. Calcite is the same stuff that ancient builders used to grind into powder and use to restore strength to other stones. Calcite has this energy. Rose calcite, however, is all about healing that crucial heart chakra.

Rose calcite is for the broken hearted, the busted, those of us who have come through so many relationships that we don’t know who we are anymore. It is the stone of mending your heart.

While rose quartz attracts love and generates self-love, rose calcite mends what has been broken in you.

Rose calcite is also a rare stone to have in your crystal collection. Calcite like this is difficult to tumble or shine because it is a soft mineral. If left out in the rain or in salted water, the calcite will eventually erode.

Doesn’t that just make it so much more special that we found it in Scotland, though?

Rose Tinted Calcite Crystals

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