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Blue Waterline Agate


This Ayrshire agate was found in 2022 and tumbled recently through four stages. We sliced to give it a straight edge, and polished for shine. It features a quartz pocket on top with some beautiful deep blue lines on the bottom. The waterlines are in grey, white, and blue, and look like a picture.

This Scottish agate half has a nice outer layer that you could remove, if you wanted an agate to make cabochons out of. We like it how it is, though, and are happy to see it rehomed.


Don’t forget you can visit our other Scottish Agates, which are self-collected and hand-polished.


What’s the difference between quartz and agate?


Agate is a mixture of chalcedony and quartz that is formed in certain distinctive patterns. There are lots of types of patterns, such as plume, moss, fortification, tubular, and more. The pattern may include quartz but will likely be mostly chalcedony. Chalcedony can exist without agate patterns, and we call this by colour. This is how you get blue chalcedony, for example.

Scottish Blue Waterline Agate

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