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Traditional Scottish Hagstones

Ethically sourced, genuine Seer Stones from the West of Scotland.

Our Scottish Hagstones (Adder Stones) are sourced from secret locations across the west of Scotland. Each of these stones has had a hole bored through them by natural (maybe mystical!) means. These would be worn around the neck or placed in the window, ready to repel witches of old.

We take our time to gather the best Scottish hagstones that we can find. They are limited in number because of scarcity, but each has been carved into this shape by the earth and sea, and not by us. They are usually basalt but can be jasper, ironstone, and other types of local material, depending on location.

The Hagstones we pick are usually used as protection stones. They are holey stones that can be worn on a lace or attached to keys or jewellery.

Since this is a popular Scottish gift, your hagstone may differ slightly from those pictured. Regardless of shape and size, you will always be given the best Scottish Hagstones for sale from The Stone Circle.

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Traditional Scottish Hagstones

60 Grams
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