Scottish Waterline Agate Pair

Scottish Waterline Agate Pair

Superb Scottish Waterline Agate


This Scottish agate was self-collected by the Stone Circle team from one of our locations in Southern Scotland. This agate specimen is ideal for a serious collector as it perfectly represents the types of layering that can be present in some beautiful rough Scottish agates.


This agate for sale features strawberry pink lines with some beautiful dark blue interspersed between them. There is a small crystal pocket on top, but the layering goes all the way through. It is exceptional. You can view this one on our Instagram feed here.



What’s so Special about Scottish Agates?


Scottish agates are renowned for their banding, fortifications, and colours. This is a classic example of a waterline agate from Scotland, which is incredibly satisfying in its parallel lines.


Agates are used in crystal healing to represent different chakra points. Chalcedony is a balancing stone that ought to bring a little harmony into your life. You can read more about it on our Agate Blog.