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This statement Scottish crystal is about the same size as my womanly palm. It's a rare beauty. Found in a South Ayrshire river's mouth during the 2020-2021 seasons. It's been brought home and scrubbed up, then it sat on a shelf for a couple of years.

This Scottish mineral specimen has quartz throughout. We suspect it may be a whole quartz nodule anyway. We have found all sorts of things inside these when cut. This one is a little too large for our saw but has geode potential.

The best part about this quartz crystal from Scotland is the flat bottom it has. Where it isn't flat, those raised bumps are waterlines as if this nodule sat on top of an onyx agate. It's pretty cool.

This crystal does have a calcite dust on the outside, as if the skin is not agate skin but was a calcium carbonate one. This just makes it more interesting.

Quartz nodule, flat bottom!

SKU: Bx55
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