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We have been splashing about in rivers in all this lovely May good weather. Just as we have been hunting for new rocks, we also came across a new hobby - rock painting.


With a good set of acrylic paints or paint pens, you can write any message or draw any picture you like on any stone. You can give them as gifts or leave them in public areas to cheer people up. You can even sell them if you get good enough... The TSC team are not at that stage yet!


While it is true that you can find suitable stones on your daily afternoon walk, it is also true that some of us don't have that level of mobility. There are also a lot of people out there who'd love to paint a Scottish rock, specifically.


For these people, we went to our local river and picked these Scottish river stones for rock painting. We have a few at the moment but will pick more if the product is successful.


We will include links below to Amazon UK, where you can buy acrylic paint pens, paints, and acrylic brush pens. These are the second requirement for rock painting - the paints!


The following links may earn us a small commission. Believe us when we say there is not good money in rocks and we need all the help that we can get!


Buy Acrylic Paint Pens on Amazon


Buy dual tip paint pens/brush pens for rock painting here.


Buy brush paint pens for rock painting on Amazon


Buy Acrylic paints for rock painting on Amazon.


*Please note that these are imperfectly shaped rocks. These are mainly sandstone and have been recently picked (May 2024) from waterways in South Lanarkshire.

5 pieces Scottish River Stones for Rock Painting

SKU: Rrwl22
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