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This exceptional calcite crystal has a lot going on in it. Firstly, let's talk about the patch on the back. It looks blue, is brittle, but doesn't have solid Galena structure. I would rather guess it is a chalcopyrite mineral due to the shape. Either way it is a secondary feature.

This Scottish crystal seems to be two double terminated calcite crystals joined at the base. The base of the larger crystal has two points, while the double termination on the smaller crystal is pretty perfect.

The smaller calcite crystal from Scotland has quartz drusy on it which sparkles in the light. The outer layer of calcite throughout the piece has that lovely shine to it which resembles marble.

We don't find crystals as good as this often. I am clearing out some of the better pieces. This crystal came from Dumfriesshire around Christmas 2022. It's a remarkable piece from the pre fields down south. There is a video of Katriona finding this one on TikTok.

Double, Double Terminated Calcite Point with Quartz Drusy

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