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This Scottish Highlands smokey quartz rock is boulder sized. We are having problems with our scales, which read either 600 or 800 grams, depending on how it is sitting! We have erred on the side of caution and gone with the lower weight. For some reason we have had terrible equipment problems this year. I am on the verge of a Scots pine cleansing here.

Faulty scales/tumbler/vehicle issues aside, this big boulder of smoky quartz from the Scottish Highlands comes from an area near Aberfeldy. The rocks up there are beautiful.

This sensational Scottish Quartz has dark grey, black, clear, and light grey areas. It has chlorite and possible biotite in it in the green and black areas. There are cavities of darkness which make you wish you were 2mm tall so you could go explore them. It's awesome.

We collected this back in 21/22. It was too cool to sell. There are even nice rainbows in it. The 2024 clear out is taking no prisoners.

Large Scottish Smoky Quartz Boulder (0.45kg)

SKU: Bxxo
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