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Quartz with Chalcopyrite Crystals

This is a nice piece of white quartz on a bed of mixed minerals. The minerals are likely calcite based. The eye catching part of this piece is that it's flecked with lovely yellow and coloured chalcopyrite crystals.


Altogether, this is a nice piece that showcases a varied mix of crystals. It is from the Southern Uplands of Scotland and was found in 2020. It is about the size of two fingers.


If you’d like to know more about how and where we hunt you can check our blog. We also have other chalcopyrite – quartz crystals on offer, too.



Are Chalcopyrite and Pyrite the Same?


Chalcopyrite is one of the copper sulphides that didn’t quite make it to becoming a pyrite. It is usually found in rainbow colours and, if it is dipped in acid, the golden colour it usually forms will light up in blues, greens, reds, and yellows. It is sometimes called Peacock Ore, although true peacock ore is Bornite, a manmade variation of a similar mineral composition. Bornite is almost always dipped in acid to form brilliant colours.

Scottish Quartz Cluster with Chalcopyrite

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