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This piece of Scottish Highlands Smoky Quartz Crystal has come from one of our many trips north. You find this material up in the hills and mountains, particularly in mica rich areas. The green shining mineral on the outside is some of that Mika schist material.

This quartz crystal from Scotland comes from the same area of Perthshire as that which our TikTok viewers named as ideal for use as a healing crystal. This quartz came from the Scottish mountains down into my kitchen, sometime between our 2019-2022 trips.

This smoky quartz crystal is palm sized and has real darkness inside. There are black quartz parts, and grey smoky parts. It will make a lovely addition to your crystal collection.

Remember to read more about Scottish quartz in the Stone Circle's Rock Blog.

Southern Scottish Highlands Quartz, dark.

SKU: Bx2
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