Scottish Blue Waterline Agate

Scottish Blue Waterline Agate

Excellent Blue Waterline Agate Crystal


We found this blue agate still in the lava field and chipped it out with a hammer and chisel. There is a Tiktok video of this and you also had the option of watching it on Instagram (don’t forget to follow us while you are there).


This is an exceptional piece of blue agate. There are fantastic agate waterlines along the bottom, with a crystal pocket of incredible depth on top. It was chiselled out of the ground, brought home and sliced on the saw. Once sliced open, the two halves were polished by hand using progressive sandpaper grits.


Fox did one half and Katriona the other. Katriona messed up and had to start again… this one took a lot of work.


Now polished to a high shine, this Scottish agate is for sale and ready to go to its new home.