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Ayrshire Waterline Agate Crystal


We found this agate in Ayrshire in 2020, though it didn't reach the saw until 2021 and my polishing table until January 2022.


Both halves of this agate were polished in a TikTok live stream. I did one the first week and another the second week in January.


This is an exceptional piece of agate. There are fantastic waterlines along the bottom, with a quartz crystal pocket of incredible depth on top. It was brought home and sliced on the saw. Once sliced open, the two halves were polished by hand using progressive sandpaper grits.


Now polished to a high shine, this Scottish agate is for sale and ready to go to its new home. You can read about our agates on our blog or follow us on Instagram to see some stunning Scottish and German agate photography.

Ayrshire Waterline Agate Crystal

SKU: 8.1
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